Tips for those having high powered contact lenses

Putting on lenses

Wearing contact lenses for your eye power is very common and those who wear them regularly and every day would know what to do to keep their eyes and contact lenses safe.

Tip 1: Contact lenses are soft, and are really fragile. You might wonder if there are chances for the contact lenses to turn upside down, for this question the and answer is that, if you contact lenses are correct and not inside out, then they are in a U shape and if not, they have their flaring outwards with a U shape. If they are coloured contact lens, you can easily find the difference. The colours side would be very colourful, however, having the inverted side with the colour directly in contact with your eyes can be dangerous. The laser marking in your contact lens can also help you find the correct side of your lens. Also if you wear the lens in an inverted way, you can feel mild discomfort in your effort and this ould let you know that you have worn them in the inverted ways.

Tip 2: Keep your hands clean while wearing your contact lens in your eyes: It is very important that you keep your hands clean while wearing or applying your contact lenses into your eyes. Wash your hands clean, your hands must not any chemicals, soaps or cosmetics remnants when you trying to apply contact lenses int your eyes, otherwise, you might get a burning sensation or discomfort in your eyes after applying your lenses. When applying lenses, especially power lenses, always start with the same eye and make it a practice. This would avoid any confusion applying the wrong lens to the wrong eye and there is no mixing up. Make sure you have sufficient lens solution in your hands an your lenses are soaked up in them when you are applying them in your eyes. Use your fingertips to place them in your eyes and after applying them in your eyes, close eyes and feel them in place, roll your eyes a bit, thus making lene get its place in the eyes. Always stand in front of a mirror when you do this, so you have visual support of what is happening and you can easily guide your finger to reach the eyes with the lens at its tip.

Tip 3: Be very careful when you are removing the contact lenses from your eyes: Contact lenses are very fragile and are made of soft polymers that stay in your eyes without causing any discomfort. Therefore when you are trying to remove the contact lenses from your eyes, use a paper towel in front of the mirror, carefully open your eyes, look down and use your thumb and index fingers to apply gentle pinch to pull the contact lenses off your eyes. This is not a very hard procedure, but make sure you look dow to make this easy. After removing power contact lenses wash them with a lot of lens solution or not the regular water, and store them carefully. Even a small scratch or damage to the lens can impair you’re the efficiency of the contact lens to alter your power in your eyes, thereby making your vision poor. Always have your back up glasses ready, and one your lenses are removed, used glasses to have your vision perfect.

Tip 4: Avoid eye makes before wearing contact lenses: Eye makeup makes your eyes look great, so wear them then start applying your eye make up. This is a precautionary measure specifically recommended during festive seasons like Halloween where one would prefer finishing their creepy costume with scary Halloween contact lenses. This will prevent any of the cosmetic material from sticking on your eyes and keeps your lenses clean. Always choose to make up which are water-based and they are less irritant to your eyes. Also, make sure, your make up is not too old, as they can cause additional irritation to your eyes and can create an infection. Remember, if your make-up smells odd, then it is old. Also, don’t share your eye makeup with others.